Getting to the Point

I realized that I completely forgot to say what the whole point of this blog is. So the point of this blog is to share my battles through life, how I got through the trials, and how I became who I am today. I won’t only be sharing that but also sharing how I feel about certain things and such as this. This blog is also made to help people. I love giving advice and listening to others’ stories. My goal in life is to help people through whatever pain and problems they may be going through if I could I would honestly take the pain from everyone else and place it on myself but that isn’t really possible so I thought well this is the next best thing. So if anyone would like to contact me for advice or just to talk to someone about what may be going on in your life my phone number is (757) 376-7125. I will also be making posts to support those with mental illnesses, and well any illnesses which includes things like epilepsy, cancer, diabetes and so forth. Thanks so much and welcome to my blog. 😊

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