Next Step

Hi everyone so I’d just like to let y’all know that I just recently finished my entrance exam for Bryant & Stratton (Online). I will be hopefully starting online schooling in June. I will be going for an Associates degree in Social work since I LOVE helping people I thought it was the perfect thing for me. Anyways the thing is its really not what I want to do. I mean I want to get a degree and go to college (that’s why I took the steps to getting in) but what I really want well….I really want to be a stay at home mom/wife. Though I can’t really do that when I don’t have kids or even a boyfriend. It just scares me honestly that no one will be supportive of what I want to do. I want my family to be happy with me and my accomplishments but honestly it just feels like what I do isn’t good enough especially with my sister in the Navy and living in Japan. She also has a boyfriend. It just seems like things are going back to how they were growing up my sister gets the attention she is better then me. Not only does she have all that stuff going for her but she is also eating healthier and working out. Me well I try but with my schedule it usually doesn’t last very long……you know what I’m not going to think like that because honestly what my family and everyone else thinks truly doesn’t matter its what I want to do with my life and as long as I’M happy then everything is fine. As for my sister I’m honestly proud of here and besides its not like I’m sitting around waiting for a guy no if I have to I’ll get a degree I mean that’s what I’m doing. I know I’ve said this before but if anyone is going through something and you feel like no one is listening to you I’m always open I mean I have a life but if someone needs my help or just needs someone to talk to I’ll drop everything because after trying to kill myself I realized my ultimate goal in life is to help people through theirs (by that I mean their life). I’m pretty sure I gave my number out in one of the posts so I’m definitely up to message anyone. I’ve done it before in fact I made a friend and I listen and talk to her because I know how alone the world and sometimes people can make you feel. Well that’s all I have to say for now talk to y’all later. Bye.

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